Weekly Reddit usage among Americans has increased 2.4x since 2019, a new report finds. YouGov’s new report Reaching Redditors ...
The first such partnership for the streamer’s ad-supported tier is a sign Netflix is striking more involved brand deals a year after launching the offering.
Forty percent of TV advertisers expect to spend more on addressable advertising in 2024 compared to 2023, according to new research.
The marketer’s long-running Gillette Gaming Alliance will be active on Twitch, YouTube and social media to share gaming content and grooming tips.
Mars, Inc. brand Excel Gum has launched a new Canadian campaign, “Excel Study Beats,” that leverages autonomous sensory meridian response, or ASMR, for content designed to help relieve studying stress ...
Brands faced a preponderance of global challenges this year and opted for a familiar playbook as the industry arrives at a crossroads.
For its latest nostalgia play, the chain teamed with multifaceted artist and influencer Kerwin Frost to put a new spin on the iconic collectibles.
Toyota Grand Highlander has a branded storefront on Uber Eats while a playable ad in Uber’s ride app lets users fill up the car’s trunk.
Mindshare will handle audience and media strategy while Finn Partners will tackle public relations, with both appointments already in effect.
An experience offering “cheez-scented” massages and “mani/cheddiz” nail treatments is part of the Kellanova brand’s bets on college football.
The "Healthy Planet Productions” campaign reanimates popular spots with new messages about the company's progress around climate action.
Part of the brand’s new creative direction, the mascot will be available as a snack for the winner of the college football game.