The Board said it would “like the opportunity to further consider the issues identified” in a district court’s injunction while citing other, ongoing legislation relevant to its rulemaking.
The federal agency weighed in Thursday with a proposed rule to oversee the burgeoning earned wage access industry.
HR leaders now have a seat at the table, SHRM President Johnny C. Taylor said, but the hardest work is yet to come.
Skanska USA says its outreach programs in Ohio and Tennessee have had a real impact in removing the stigma around sensitive subjects.
The law aims to address healthcare affordability and access issues, but it could result in higher drug spending for some employer plans, an attorney told HR Dive.
In addition to the payment to three former managers, Dollar General also agreed to train retail and human resources managers, adopt and distribute policies and procedures to prevent age harassment and ...
In addition, 60% said they wouldn’t recommend a job in finance to Gen Z workers, according to a Medius report.
The plaintiff said the payroll services company “betrayed [the] trust” of workers whose information it handled.
I believe that it’s no longer going to be a race to the bottom on how cheap you can get your labor,” one senior analyst said.
Companies with a strong coaching culture are more likely to engage and retain top talent, a new analysis finds.
The June 27 debate, the Republican National Convention and upcoming Democratic National Convention provide plenty of conversation fodder. Workers still aren’t taking the bait.
For one thing, the U.S. Department of Labor’s regulations may not fare well under federal courts’ scrutiny post-Chevron, a former DOL official told HR Dive.