The retailer’s decision to bring ESLs to thousands of stores will showcase the technology on a large scale — and could spur other grocers to follow its lead.
Even if grocery prices fall, shoppers plan to continue purchasing store brands, new research from FMI — The Food Industry Association found.
Superior operates with a set of six values — trust, reliability, integrity, food safety, innovation and community — at the fore. Halpern said these values permeate throughout all ranks of the company.
The retailer expects to deploy the technology to 2,300 locations by 2026 in a bid to improve efficiency and customer service.
The grocer's new Connected TV unit aims to help advertisers launch and measure the impact of ad campaigns across streaming and digital video using a unified platform.
As the chain works on modernizing locations, its newly reopened Massachusetts store now features food items shoppers said they had trouble finding.
In a tie-up with technology company Rokt, the grocer can connect with brands that offer products and services not sold in its stores and offer customers a more personalized ad experience.
The grocer’s foundation wants to boost participation in the USDA's new program that awards families $120 per eligible child to spend on food this summer.
The Midwestern grocer introduced new app features that allow members to unlock more offers — from coupons to free donuts.
As grocers launch retail media networks at rapid speed, third-party technology partners are stepping in to consolidate platforms, creating a single access point for CPGs that supports smaller grocers.
Chains like Aldi and Walmart are winning with shoppers by stepping up their focus on fresh food and convenience, according to Boston Consulting Group.
The delivery provider has expanded the delivery of beers, wines and spirits from several grocers and liquor stores including select Food Lion, Hannaford and Giant Food locations.