Nonbanks "help us understand what is needed, what customers are demanding [and] not seeing, what's on the horizon that we should be thinking about," a Chicago Fed specialist said this month.
Discover rebuffed three Capital One pitches before agreeing to a deal, and talks halted for seven weeks, an SEC filing indicates.
The bank, meanwhile, has added new leaders in its payments business and logged $70 million in restructuring charges in the first quarter, CEO Bill Rogers said Monday.
At its next board meeting, the regulator is likely to address limits on asset managers’ power over banks as well as an unfulfilled Dodd-Frank requirement.
The bank, a frequent partner to fintechs, froze customer accounts and transferred money to debt collectors, violating state law, the NY AG’s office said.
The card network opted to increase the card misclassification remediation reserve based in part on discussions with regulators, executives said Thursday.
Your discriminatory behavior is a serious threat to free speech and religious freedom, is potentially illegal, and is causing political and regulatory backlash,” alleged Kansas Attorney General Kris ...
VTB sued JPMorgan in Russia to regain access to assets frozen due to sanctions violations. JPMorgan countersued, saying VTB breached a 2008 agreement to handle any issues in New York.
The Swiss banking giant plans to trim headcount in banking, markets and wealth management, Bloomberg reported. The lender has said it aims to save around $6 billion in staff costs in the coming years.
Codat, a fintech based in London and New York, aims to remedy the issue. The firm Tuesday launched its Supplier Enablement API product, which seeks to help banks drive spending through virtual card ...
The bank will require its hybrid employees to work on-site four days a week starting this fall, and its investment bankers to be in the office every weekday from June 1, a spokesperson said.
Six years into the Erica era, customers are taking advantage of the tool's insights as often as they're asking questions of it, said Nikki Katz, the bank's head of digital.