North Korean threat actor Kimsuky targets South Korean research institutes in a spear-phishing campaign. Learn how they use backdoors.
The bad actors create copies of the compromised data and leverage the threat of publishing sensitive information online unless their demands for ransom are met. This dual approach adds an extra layer ...
COLDRIVER, a threat actor of strategic interest to Russia, is actively engaged in credential theft and improving evasion techniques.
A major Bluetooth security flaw, CVE-2023-45866 could allow threat actors to take control of Android, Linux, macOS, and iOS devices.
A previously unknown Linux remote access trojan called Krasue has been observed targeting telecom companies in Thailand by threat actors to main covert access to victim networks at lease since 2021.
Governments are demanding mobile push notification records from Apple and Google users to track individuals of interest.
Threat actors exploit high-severity Adobe ColdFusion vulnerability (CVE-2023-26360) to breach government servers.
AWS STS tokens can be stolen via malware, exposed credentials, or phishing. Threat actors are using these tactics to breach cloud accounts.
Qualcomm has disclosed details about three high-severity security vulnerabilities that were exploited in limited, targeted attacks in October 2023.
Collectively tracked as Sierra:21, the issues expose over 86,000 devices across critical sectors like energy, healthcare, waste management, retail, emergency services, and vehicle tracking to cyber ...
"The actor used spear-phishing as a delivery mechanism: A weaponized document, sent as an email attachment, contains an embedded remote template injection technique and a malicious VBA macro code, to ...
Your emotions can be a vulnerability in the world of cybersecurity. Learn how to defend against these manipulations.