The complex history of the "drug war" in Mexico is hindering its collaboration with the US on the synthetic opioid, fentanyl.
The end of a ceasefire with Colombia's largest criminal group, the AGC, is a serious body blow to hopes for peace.
Former high-ranking government officials have been charged with corruption in a historic investigation for the Dominican ...
Nelson Alexander Flores Pacheco, alias "Mula", was the liaison between the Mexican Mafia and the MS13 in Tijuana, Mexico.
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The Northeast Cartel has established almost complete dominance of criminal economies in Mexico's border city of Nuevo Laredo.
A dozen people are dead in Peru since February amid escalating violence involving the Shining Path guerrilla group.
The state of Tamaulipas may not top Mexico's violence rankings, but the Gulf Cartel's fragmentation is raising concerns.
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Australia and New Zealand are the most expensive cocaine markets in the world. For the Sinaloa Cartel, it's worth the trek.
Gang leader Vitel’Homme Innocent has risen quickly in Haiti. Now he's linked to the murder of former president Jovenel Moïse.