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Zendaya is using her superstar status to give back to the theater that helped her develop her skills. The Oakland native, partnering with the Women Donors Network, made a $100,000 donation to the
A herding dog obsessed with sheep has a hilarious reaction to seeing animals on the television screen in a recent Instagram reel.Dog owners Saulo Ouverney and Peter Cook didn't start noticing that
The state of the roads is important to everyone who travels over them. Virtually everyone notices when the roads are bad. The journey becomes bumpy and shaky and may even damage your vehicle. Some
A 10-week-old black Chihuahua was rescued while precariously wandering along the on-ramp to the expressway in Dorchester, the Animal Rescue League said Sunday. “The Good Samaritan who rescued her had
So, where exactly do you need to be during the total solar eclipse in April? You have a few options. A total solar eclipse, in which the moon passes in front of the sun,
Heartbreaking footage has emerged of a koala appearing to mourn the death of his female companion. South Australia's Koala Rescue Inc received from a 'most concerned' member of the public after they
The firefighter drama will burn up our screens for just one season more, and we have a wish list for its endgame.
A new study from the University of California, Riverside finds that odors can affect gene expression, which could lead to new forms of medical treatment. Veuer’s Matt Hoffman reports.
Topeka has seen an increasing number of campsites across the community, with some in areas that don't allow the practice. For unsheltered residents, being forced to move can be traumatic and even
There are plenty of ways to keep our furry friends busy throughout the day, but the Washington Humane Society really nailed it with this one. It might be time to make some space on the wall or fridge
Sydney Sweeney portrayed Julia Cornwall's Spider-Woman in Madame Web. Sydney Sweeney could redeem herself after Madame Web's failure by
 Steve Whitehouse, 49, was in Tipton, West Midlands when he saw the blaze Four fire engines and 19 firefighters responded, as well as one ambulanceA refuse collector has been hailed a hero after
A rare occurrence is about to take over the state of Indiana with up to four minutes of complete darkness. How long will depend on where you are. Where will the solar eclipse
CHICAGO (WGN) — For decades, asthma patients have used a drug to help them breathe better. Now, the Food and Drug Administration has given the nod to use that drug to reduce serious reactions from
Jennifer Garner’s golden retriever has some goals before she turns nine, though she has already achieved one. During an appearance on the WeRateDogs Youtube channel, Garner walked her dog, Birdie,
Two things have conspired to make the best hoodies on Amazon some of the best hoodies you can buy anywhere. First, there's the fact that storied brands have now joined the home of two-day
The children at Casa del Sagrado Corazon in El Paso aren't going to stay there very long. The temporary shelter is just one stop on a very long journey for them and their families − one
A drug that has long been used to treat two common men’s health conditions could have some unexpected benefits.Finasteride — more commonly known as Propecia or Proscar — has treated male pattern

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