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Cinema has many wonderful things. Among them is its ability to mirror society, both reflecting and challenging some of the norms we believe to be established. What's more, cinema raises enriching
A family in Oak Park opened their home to a family of migrants for a Thanksgiving meal on Thursday, helping to create a first memory of the holiday in the U.S. Just a few weeks after Dayana Coroba,
Boeing is starting production of the next generation of military aircraft. The MH-139A “Grey Wolf” will replace the UH-1N “Huey” helicopter, which has been in service since the Vietnam War.The
Medical drama is a genre that has had multiple successful TV shows in the last couple of years. These series have become favorites of many people because of their compelling stories and interesting
As a 16-year-old boy, Nolen Carney lives a life similar to a lot of teenagers. He goes to high school, spends time with his family and plays basketball. But he added a new, unusual accomplishment to
Many overindulge while celebrating the holidays — but one South Jersey pup took it just a little too far. Jack, a 5-year-old husky/shepherd mix, gave his owner a shock when she came home to find
The arts are always subjective, so what exactly constitutes the "worst movie of all time" is, for sure, debatable. After all, quality and worthiness are in the eye of the beholder. Still, it's
Shifting to a healthier diet – and sticking to it – can add almost a decade to life for middle-aged people, a new study finds.The research published earlier this week in the journal Nature Food,
Black Friday 2023 offers great deals on manga and anime collections, making it the perfect time to grow your anime and manga collections.
BRENTWOOD, N.Y. -- Those who are homeless or may be suffering from food insecurity on Long Island are giving thanks for a hot meal this Thanksgiving. They shared with CBS New York on Wednesday what
Coco Gauff is enjoying the off-season, after the WTA Finals in Cancun and an exceptional year. The young tennis player had an exceptional season, culminating in the sumptuous summer when she won the
Bleach's attention to aesthetics, and its mix of action and mature themes have inspired many stories that followed. Many series such
The world’s biggest iceberg is on the move after being stuck in one place for more than three decades.The iceberg, named A23a, is approximately twice the size of Greater London, or around 1,572
Cryoablation, a minimally invasive technique to target and kill tumors, continues gaining traction in the medical field and with patients. Compared to surgical approaches, the length of hospital stay
Human characters often prove themselves the worst monsters in horror movies, overshadowing the supernatural creatures they face.
NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — A day that could’ve taken a turn for the worst ended with a story of a community coming together to help their neighbor in need. Thanksgiving was interrupted for one Virginia
They can turn off lights, stay calm in tight spaces, and even grab items from the fridge. That doesn't even describe what service dogs can do for the people they serve.Three years ago, 17-year-old
Some horror movie villains, like Candyman and Leatherface, have proven to be incredibly difficult to kill due to their supernatural abilities or strength.
Rochester, N.Y. — One local Marine cranked out an impressive amount of pull-ups for charity!William Robertson went through rigorous training while serving our country, and Tuesday, he put some of
Cervical cancer will be eliminated by 2040 – saving thousands of women’s lives, health chiefs will pledge.Under the plans, the NHS could replace smear tests with DIY home kits to boost screening,

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