Very cute - smaller than what I thought it was going to be. The packing material is awful - styrofoam. Make sure you go into the garage so you don't get it all over the place.
I didn't even think about it when I ordered it but the metal on it turned my arm green.... My fault should have known that would happen for the price.
The hood on my daughter’s ripped the first time she used it, and she is not rough with her things. These aren’t really meant for more than a handful of uses, I would guess.
The set comes in three colors ... which can be quite sturdy in case you’re worried about a break. Each piece in the collection has an expandable body with differentiated zipper pullers, so ...
Article too beautiful and too cute, with the bonus of a little surprise for my daughter in it! Fast delivery as a bonus. Thank you very much.
This is a really nice set with all of the brushes and the paints have nice bright pigment up them! Very good deal! Highly recommend!
Whether you love florals, want to add a touch of country or wish to complete your Pioneer Woman collection, you won't want to miss this 20-piece ... set includes a 6-inch Nakiri knife and 3.5 ...
The quality of this Kimono sash belt is very good, the actual piece is darker than on the photo. Delivery is so fast, within 3 days from Japan to North American.