In addition to a 24% reduction in major kidney disease events, the semaglutide group had 18% less MACE at 3 years versus ...
The strategy allows for a 1-month “buffer period” for ascertaining whether the issues are reversible or persistent.
The availability of a dual-chamber leadless system is important, but battery longevity remains an issue, one expert says.
While not every athlete can get back to their sport, a new “athlete-centered” statement says that should be the aim.
Ling Tao and Bernardo Cortese discuss what the REC-CAGEFREE II results say about antiplatelet regimens, drug-coated balloon angioplasty, and ACS.
Younger AS patients, lower surgical risk, and bicuspid valves in the mix? Mamas Mamas hears from Ole De Backer and Hendrik Treede.
Quality of life was also similar, but the catheter procedure was less expensive, making it a potential first-line option for ...
It’s getting harder and harder to justify a group where alteplase would be preferred,” Seemant Chaturvedi says.
Jung-Min Ah and Bruno Scheller review the state of the coronary DCB field with Mamas Mamas.
While the AI did fine on multiple-choice questions and could justify its answers, it failed a retest just 2 weeks later.
A lack of benefit—and possible harm—means tenecteplase shouldn’t be given routinely in this population, researchers say.
The procedure helps, but outcomes remain poor overall in this group. “We still have work to do,” Eva Mistry says.