The judge noted the CDC did not alert Gilead to a patent on Truvada until 2016, one year after it had been issued.
Stanford University has opened an investigation into its president, Marc Tessier-Lavigne, a renowned neuroscientist and ...
A big Alzheimer’s treatment data reveal. The first FDA-approved fecal microbiome drug. And a stinging defeat for Big Pharma’s lobbying arm. We cover all these topics and more on this week’s episode of ...
The botched recall of millions of CPAP machines and other breathing devices made by Philips underscores critical shortcomings of medical device oversight.
CHICAGO — Emboldened by the results of November’s midterms, abortion rights supporters say they are preparing for even bigger fights in state legislatures and pivotal elections to come, including 2024 ...
Elon Musk said Wednesday that his brain-machine interface company Neuralink aims to put its first implant in a human subject in the next six months.
If the survival of "essential hospitals" is at stake, it's time to fix the root causes of the problems, not throw taxpayer dollars at them.
"It’s been stories about large drug price increases that have driven the national conversation around drug pricing, so loss of this information is a net loss for the public.” ...
The results, while early and on a small set of patients, throws Amgen in a long-gestating race with other major drugmakers for a blockbuster obesity drug.
New findings of altered images in research co-authored by Stanford University president Marc Tessier-Lavigne add to the weight of allegations against him, according to experts on research misconduct.
Rebyota is designed to restore balance in the digestive system by introducing good bacteria taken from donor stool samples.
The failure of a once-promising Alzheimer’s disease medicine from Roche appears to have a simple explanation: The drug didn’t ...