As price hikes kicked in, the leading CRM turned to its hyperscale Data Cloud and Mulesoft platform to expand the top end of its enterprise customer base.
The public release of ChatGPT fueled a scramble to embed the tech in workflows. Despite efforts, CIOs still grapple with transparency and responsible use.
Context: AWS is home to a growing marketplace of foundation models, which currently include proprietary models, like Titan, as well as models from AI21 Labs, Anthropic, Cohere, Meta and Stability AI.
Just weeks after joining the FinOps Foundation, the leading hyperscaler unveiled infrastructure and service enhancements to help customers optimize data, spending and compute.
With Sam Altman back at the helm, the company’s leadership is trying to mollify customer worries about long-term plans intertwined with the startup's products.
The chipmaker's products underpin the AI services at the center of an enterprise adoption wave, but research and development are still underway.
Knowledge workers, employees with technical expertise and high-level executives alike can benefit from training to grasp the nascent tech.
With OpenAI's leaders ousted and staff in revolt, the volatility could cause enterprises to shift where they procure generative AI.
The cloud provider added eight training courses for upskilling in prompt engineering, building LLMs and other AI proficiencies.
With a line of sight on security operations, MSPs hold keys to materiality determinations and annual 10-K reports.
In the wake of OpenAI’s leadership crisis, the hyperscaler also doubled down on a multimodel AI strategy and deepened its Anthropic alliance.
Southwest Airlines, Walgreens and Citi are among the companies that switched up their top tech leadership this year.