Under the agreement, AGC Biologics will leverage its microbial fermentation and manufacturing experience to perform ...
The planned $2.3 billion investment follows an earlier $6 billion commitment to expand manufacturing for drugs like its in-demand medicine Wegovy.
Results from the second of two Phase 3 trials testing the blockbuster drug in the respiratory condition showed treatment could reduce attacks and improve lung function.
Yet, the company believes there were enough positive findings in the mid-stage trial to warrant further study of its drug, called XEN1101, in depression.
One year after the U.K. drugmaker withdrew the multiple myeloma drug from the U.S. market because of negative data, new study results might crack open the door to a relaunch.
Mercury Bio, ( www.mercurybio.com) a Santa Fe, NM-based biotech company commercializing an innovative and highly disruptive ...
The global biotechnology market, currently valued at over 1,130 billion euros, is anticipated to grow to be worth more than 2 ...
Studying somatic mutations could be “the next wave of opportunity” to develop more precise medicines, said Mike Stratton, a scientific co-founder of Quotient.
The company said it had not found “a viable alternative” to closing down in the months since it hit a clinical setback and laid off staff.
Freeline Therapeutics, a U.K.-headquartered developer of gene therapies, has agreed to be taken private in a deal with British investment firm Syncona, the companies announced Tuesday.
Called Evinova, the unit will operate as a separate business within AstraZeneca, which sees digital health solutions as a market primed for growth.
Company shares fell after study monitors called for halting a planned 18,000-person trial because Bayer’s drug wasn’t working as well as Eliquis.