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Within Temptation might have emerged as leading lights in symphonic metal at the dawn of the millennium, but in the 26 years since their debut their sound has evolved drastically, from an early
Sep. 30—A young bull elk was discovered in the woods of Western Washington, his antlers tangled in the ropes of a rustic tree swing. When the nearby property owner called the police, officers
By Carissa WongAn exoskeleton suit helps people sprint faster, according to the results of a small study. Elite athletes could one day use the suit in training sessions to improve their running
Cross-country trips are most often completed across the U.S. in a car. However, if you’re tired of driving and want to focus on enjoying the beautiful scenery, the railway might be the perfect
A dachshund meet-up in the park descended into chaos after a larger dog gatecrashed proceedings.Sam, from Berlin, Germany, only got his dapple dachshund Gustav a few months ago, and this was his
PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - On Saturday, 25 teams took part in the annual Ruff Ride Pittsburgh cycling event. Teams took part in a 24-hour stationary spin-bike marathon to help raise awareness and money for
Animal lovers are usually willing to do and buy just about anything for their pets. For dog and cat parents, this might look like frequent trips to the pet store for toys and treats, but those with
The Phantom Liberty DLC adds plenty of new content to the Cyberpunk 2077 experience, and the game's library of vehicles is one area that received a significant boost. Driving around the streets of
ST. PAUL, Minn. – A new 7,000-square-foot HealthPartners Institute Clinical Simulation Center at Regions Hospital is now open and finding high-tech ways to train their employees. "Not only will this
MINNEAPOLIS -- An emotional reunion took center stage at the Be The Match Gala in Minneapolis on Saturday night.Fourteen-year-old Riley Furlong got to meet Ioan Seeward, the donor who helped save her

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